Interlaken: 5 Things to do Under 15 Euro


As the #2 country in the world for extreme sports, Interlaken is an adrenaline junkie’s playground. Activities include skydiving from a helicopter, paragliding over Interlaken, and free falling 300 ft into a canyon attached to a swinging rope. Any one of these activities could make the weekend a highlight of your semester–but why stop there? After feeding your daredevil needs, check out these other activities to enjoy during your weekend in Switzerland without breaking your bank. All of the below can be done for about 15 euro or less–or even for FREE!

1. Walk Höheweg, Interlaken’s main street
Cost: Free
This street lines the park called “Höhematte,” where you can watch paragliders soar through the air until landing right before you in this park. Also, the beautiful view of the famous snow-covered Jungfrau mountain can be seen from here. Nothing says Switzerland like being surrounded by the Alps, it’s an amazing site! Walking down Höheweg, you will find several souvenir shops for that Swiss Army watch you’ve always wanted, or the scenic postcard to send home.
2. Lunch break at Hooters!
Cost: Between 10-15 euro
Feeling homesick for some wings and other bar food? Hooters is also located on Höheweg street where you can get a basket of 10 wings for about 12 euro. Funny as it may seem, this is a local hot spot. Who doesn’t love some spicy wings?!
3. Chocolate tasting
Cost: 15 Swiss Francs, or Free when you book your trip to Interlaken with FFF
Included in the FFF trip cost, we get to do a private chocolate tasting at a local shop. Here you will taste several chocolates including light, dark, fruity, alcoholic and more. This is the REAL stuff! You will also learn a little bit about the process of chocolate making and where around the world some of their special ingredients come from. Don’t forget to bring a little treat back with you–chocolate makes the perfect treat for either yourself in a craving mood, or a loving friend/relative for Christmas.
4. Day trip to Bern
Cost: Free, included in FFF Interlaken trip
Also included in the FFF trip cost, we get to explore a little bit outside of Interlaken and into the capitol of Switzerland. Bern has the symbol of the bear, so there are even Bear exhibits in town to honor our fuzzy friends! Tour the city and be sure to take pictures by the famous clock tower and pass by Einstein’s old house; these are just a few of Bern’s highlighted sites.
5. Starbucks
Cost: Between 6-10 US dollars
If you go on the included day trip to Bern, YES they have a Starbucks! Grab a coffee or hot chocolate to go and wander the local Swiss markets they have around town. Maybe holding a hot drink in your hand will inspire you to buy a pack of Swiss tea to bring home and share. Meats, fruits, flowers, and herbs are several items to be found around the markets in Bern.

Remember that Interlaken uses the Swiss Franc (CHF) and not the Euro. The conversion is about 1 franc to 82 euro cents. So the Euro is strong there, lucky us! Some activities may be pricey during your weekend away, but keep these ideas in mind to enjoy some local love in Interlaken without worrying about the cost!
Article by: Natalie Buskirk
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