Exploring the Cinque Terre: From Pirates to Pesto

If you are searching for the ideal picturesque Italian scenery, look no further than a trip to Cinque Terre.  Cinque Terre translates to “five towns” and provides a postcard-worthy backdrop as you hike through the hills of the province of Liguria.  In total there are 14 different paths through the mountainous coastline that fluctuate in […]

Venice Redentore Festival: Fireworks like the 4th of July

The good ol’ US of A has fourth of July and our beloved Italy has the Venice Festa del Redentore. Maybe both occasions celebrate something different but they both do share a common ground–fireworks! Two days of commemoration and fireworks that light up the sky in St. Mark’s Bay bringing all of Venice to look […]

Cinque Terre in Photos

Whoever said “A picture is worth a thousand words” has clearly been to Cinque Terre. This cluster of 5 towns linked along the Ligurian coast boasts some of the most amazing views in Italy and is famous for its fresh pesto and locally produced Schiaccetra wine, a rare type of dessert wine made with raisins. […]


I had been to Venice before.  I’ve sat outside a small café and drank espresso, gazing at the wonderment of this beautiful city on the water.  This trip was different though.  The weather, rather than the sun-struck canals I remembered from before, was soaked in a hazy fog, blinding the sights.  Deep breaths produced what […]

Relaxing At The Rapolano Terme Hot Springs

[slideshow] Sometimes it is nice to get out of Florence for a little bit, even if it’s just for a few hours.  That is why, Georgette, Anna and I took a little trip to the Rapolano Terme hot springs located near Siena.  It was awesome and definitely exceeded all of my expectations! The location was […]

A Day as a Wino: Hiking in Chianti

Growing up in America, I wasn’t exactly prone towards appreciating good wine. Let’s be honest–on a college budget, I thought it was classy when I showed up at a house party that had Bud Light instead of the typical PBR or whatever else was on sale at the supermarket that week. It didn’t take me […]

Welcome Florence Summer Study Abroad Students! by Gianna Shepherd

Welcome Florence summer study abroad students! Are you ready for the best summer of your life?!  Most of you are here for a short six weeks or less and do not want to spend a second of it wasting your time or money. Have no fear, I’ll help point you in the right direction starting […]

Day Trip to Cinque Terre by Krista Florio

If youre looking to getaway and seek out more of what Italy has to offer, check out the Cinque Terre! Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore are all of the five lands you visit on this breathtaking, one day excursion! Starting from Riomaggiore, you hike through each land, ranging in distance and difficulty levels. Each of […]

Rome in a Day by Stephanie Shultis

So you think it cant be done!? Last weekend I went on an adventure with a friend of mine and we were determined to conquer Rome in less than 16 hours. We packed a lunch, grabbed our Rick Steve’s Italy book and our most comfortable shoes and left Florence at about 7:50. We were suppose […]