Day Trip to Cinque Terre by Krista Florio


If youre looking to getaway and seek out more of what Italy has to offer, check out the Cinque Terre! Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore are all of the five lands you visit on this breathtaking, one day excursion! Starting from Riomaggiore, you hike through each land, ranging in distance and difficulty levels. Each of the five lands are surrounded by clear blue waters and changes of scenery which keeps the whole experience refreshing.
Jessica Hudson, a study abroad student at Lorenzo deMedici stated, each land has its own uniqueness that you want to explore!
Now is the time to visit Cinque Terre, because the weather is still warm enough to swim in, and swimming in the Mediterranean water is only one of the many added benefits this excursion has to offer!

Make sure to bring a camera because the scenery is unbelievable. Oh, and be sure to wear safe footing–trust me, youll be glad that you did! In the end, after all the sweating, and Did we get to the next land yet?, the adventure is worth it and you wish you could bring back more than just the pictures! Kylee Jensen, another student at Lorenzo deMedici couldnt have said it any better, Im going back next weekend!


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