What is Recipe of the Week?


The Recipe of the Week will help you embrace the food culture of Italy and Tuscany. More so than any other country in the world, Italians are defined by their table and what they put on it.
A Caprese salad can cost you anything up to 14 euro to eat in a restaurant but is super simple and cheap to make at home.

The recipes that we choose will be simple enough for you to cook at home in your apartments while in Florence and will be a resource for you when you get home so you can recreate the flavors of your study abroad experience.
For those of you who really want to get into Italian cooking we offer cooking classes year round. Generally speaking cooking classes in Florence are very expensive starting from around €80. Every Tuesday and Thursday FlorenceForFun offers a student cooking class for just €35. The menus change every day and every month and can be found on the FlorenceForFun website – Menus
COMING SOON – For more food and drink related info check out the other sections of Eating & Drinking:
Eating out – restaurant recommendations, best deals for students, our faves tried and tested many a time
Eating in – where to buy food, where to get good take away food, places to buy the foods that we miss from home
Drinking – wines, aperitifs, what and how the Italians drink
Eating at home will save you a lot of money while you are in Florence. Cooking in your apartment can also be a fun way to get to know your room mates and share not only Italian food culture but your favorite dishes from home.


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