3 Things To Do in Istanbul

Photo By: Tuula Vintage

Istanbul, Turkey is home to an extremely rich cultural history. It was home to three different empires: The Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman. It’s definitely the type of place you would want to visit if you’re very interested in history. So, what are the five sites that are not to be missed?

Take in the wonder of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, more commonly referred to as the Blue Mosque. The mosque, which was built between 1609 and 1616, is called the Blue Mosque because of the blue tiles that cover the walls. When you visit the mosque, make sure it is not during prayer time, as its closed to non worshipers. Also be sure to remove your shoes and place them in a plastic bag. If you are a woman, you are also required to cover your head — the covering is meant for your hair, not your face.

Photo by David Hurley
Photo by David Hurley

Hagia Sophia has been a church and a mosque and is now a museum. It became a world heritage UNESCO site in 1985 and remains one of the most significant monuments in Turkey. It was built in the Byzantine style and is the home of many gorgeous mosaics and architectural techniques.
Photo By: Izad
Photo By: Izad

Visit the Grand Bazaar and shop in one of the largest covered markets in the world. Since 1461, the Bazaar has acted as a main point of business for those living in Istanbul. You can buy spices, jewelry, leather, furniture, rugs, and more. The Grand Bazaar has over 250,000 visitors daily, and over 5,000 shops.


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