Interlaken: 5 Things to do Under 15 Euro

As the #2 country in the world for extreme sports, Interlaken is an adrenaline junkie’s playground. Activities include skydiving from a helicopter, paragliding over Interlaken, and free falling 300 ft into a canyon attached to a swinging rope. Any one of these activities could make the weekend a highlight of your semester–but why stop there? […]

Budgeting Tips for Study Abroad students from FlorenceForFun

What I think my study abroad budget will be like…   Creating a budget for your semester abroad is about as much fun as watching paint dry–yet it’s one of those necessary evils you must endure if you have any hope of surviving your semester abroad. Studying abroad is without a doubt one of the […]

Florence on a Budget: For students, By students

After a short and unforgettable period of time spent in Florence, we decided to write a basic guide for those coming to the city facing the same financial difficulties as us, or willing not to waste money. We would begin with the most important aspect of anyone’s stay in Italy–the food. Starting the day with […]

Low Cost 'Airlining' by Anna McNiel

Has the Eurail Pass become obsolete? How cheap is cheap when it comes to buying a plane ticket inside Europe? Low-cost airlines have revolutionised the way we travel around Europe. If at all possible we will take a flight rather than catch a train or a bus and in many cases the choice is made […]