After years of creating tours for international students we are bringing together all of our expertise to put together a portal of the best experiences for students studying abroad in Florence.

Meet the Sassy and Smart Ashley Buchanan

Today I am chatting with Ashley Buchanan from History in High Heels. I say chatting rather than interviewing since we have known each other for years and frequently hang out in Florence and travel Europe together. Ashley has successfully combined her three passions; history, fashion and travel, breaking traditional stereotypes of academics, showing the world …

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Eli Neahous

Eli Neahous Hometown: Park City Illinois College/Major: Stetson University/Accounting Favorite Travel Destination: Croatia Bucketlist Destination: Galapagos Islands Number of Countries Visited: 11 What made you decide to work for FlorenceForFun? FlorenceForFun gives me the ability to meet amazing new people while also fulfilling my need to explore new places. Advice for Study Abroaders? The classes will …

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Buckets of Fun in Monterosso

Monterosso, one of the 5 villages of “Cinque Terre” is filled with beautiful beaches, fresh fried seafood, pesto, and buckets of fruity drinks. Monterosso is the perfect day trip to discover the beauty of Cinque Terre. Location: Monterosso, Italy, Cinque Terre Photo Credits: Caitlin Brunnock

Amber Penman

Amber Penman Hometown: East Tawas, Michigan College/Major: Central Michigan University – Communications Favorite Travel Destination: Germany & Ireland (I can’t pick just one!) Bucketlist Destination: South Africa to cage dive with great white sharks! Number of Countries Visited: 13 Study Abroad Program: Florence University of the Arts What made you decide to work for FlorenceforFun? …

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