The Musée du Louvre

Originally built in 1190 as a fortress, and then turned into a Royal Palace in the 16th century, the Louvre did not officially open as a museum until the French Monarchy moved to the Palace of Versailles in 1793. When the Louvre museum was first opened to the public, it held only 573 paintings. Now, […]

Take a Dip into Budapest: The Széchenyi Baths

FlorenceForFun BUdpates, Vienna and Salzburg

The only way to experience Budapest, the City of Baths, is to dive right in. Grab your swimsuit and get ready to mingle, with 3 huge outdoor pools, 15 indoor pools, and 10 sauna/steam rooms (all with varying temperatures) these baths are popular for a reason. The Széchenyi Baths are the largest baths of Europe and […]

Meet the Sassy and Smart Ashley Buchanan

Today I am chatting with Ashley Buchanan from History in High Heels. I say chatting rather than interviewing since we have known each other for years and frequently hang out in Florence and travel Europe together. Ashley has successfully combined her three passions; history, fashion and travel, breaking traditional stereotypes of academics, showing the world […]

Discovering the East Side Gallery

Once the Berlin Wall, the East Side Gallery is now the longest open air gallery in the world. Running a total of 1.3 kilometers, the gallery holds both great beauty and an insight into history. The wall separating  East Berlin and West Germany was officially taken down on November 9th 1989, and immediately 118 artists […]

Adventures in Interlaken

If you’re an adrenaline junky than Interlaken HAS to be at the top of your bucket list. Literally translated as “between two lakes”, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, and surrounded by the beautiful Swiss Alps, Interlaken is the perfect backdrop for all things adventure. To get your heart racing, here’s what Interlaken has to offer: […]

Eli Neahous

Eli Neahous Hometown: Park City Illinois College/Major: Stetson University/Accounting Favorite Travel Destination: Croatia Bucketlist Destination: Galapagos Islands Number of Countries Visited: 11 What made you decide to work for FlorenceForFun? FlorenceForFun gives me the ability to meet amazing new people while also fulfilling my need to explore new places. Advice for Study Abroaders? The classes will […]

Buckets of Fun in Monterosso

Monterosso, one of the 5 villages of “Cinque Terre” is filled with beautiful beaches, fresh fried seafood, pesto, and buckets of fruity drinks. Monterosso is the perfect day trip to discover the beauty of Cinque Terre. Location: Monterosso, Italy, Cinque Terre Photo Credits: Caitlin Brunnock

Gondola Ride in Venice: What to Expect

If Venice is on your list of Italian cities to visit this semester, than a Venetian Gondola ride is sure to be the highlight of your trip. We all know the iconic image of the Italian man, in a black and white striped T, singing and rowing his way down the narrow Italian canals. Here […]

Amber Penman

Amber Penman Hometown: East Tawas, Michigan College/Major: Central Michigan University – Communications Favorite Travel Destination: Germany & Ireland (I can’t pick just one!) Bucketlist Destination: South Africa to cage dive with great white sharks! Number of Countries Visited: 13 Study Abroad Program: Florence University of the Arts What made you decide to work for FlorenceforFun? […]

Meet Clint Bertucci, Founder of Travr.Life

Today, I sat down for a chat with Clint Bertucci, a travel addict who recently started his own travel company for young adults, Travr. After working in finance for ten years, Clint ended up going back to school and studying abroad in Florence, Italy. During his time abroad, he discovered his passion for travel, and […]