Venice Redentore Festival: Fireworks like the 4th of July

The good ol’ US of A has fourth of July and our beloved Italy has the Venice Festa del Redentore. Maybe both occasions celebrate something different but they both do share a common ground–fireworks! Two days of commemoration and fireworks that light up the sky in St. Mark’s Bay bringing all of Venice to look […]

Why is the blue grotto blue? Ask FlorenceForFun!

Inside the Blue Grotto, the cave opens up into a massive area with glowing blue water. One of my favorite things to do as a FlorenceForFun tour guide in the Amalfi Coast is watch the reactions of everyone going in and out of the Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy.  One by one, people step gingerly […]

Prague in Three Days

On the fence about traveling to Prague? Look at all the fun things you can do!

Weekend Weather Report

Traveling this weekend? Here’s a sneak peek at what to expect over the next few days. Bundle up, everyone!

Weekend Weather Report

For a girl from southern California, 13 degrees might as well be -50. I just hope my nose hairs don’t freeze again while I’m walking the streets of Interlaken! (and yes, that actually happened.)

Pick your Palio team!

Although it’s no Kentucky Derby, the Palio di Siena still tops the list as one of the most famous horse races around. The people of Siena have been cheering on their contradas (town districts) since 1656, back when the first Palio was run in honor of the miraculous apparition of the Virgin Mary near the […]

A Day as a Wino: Hiking in Chianti

Growing up in America, I wasn’t exactly prone towards appreciating good wine. Let’s be honest–on a college budget, I thought it was classy when I showed up at a house party that had Bud Light instead of the typical PBR or whatever else was on sale at the supermarket that week. It didn’t take me […]