Singin' in the Rain in Positano by Annie Bettis


It was my first weekend in the Amalfi Coast, land of beautiful aqua water and sun. I was so relieved to be getting away from the increasingly dreary Florence skies and ready to get that last little ounce of bronze before the winter set in permanently. Much to my dismay, we were greeted Friday morning with pouring rain in Capri, which left me uninspired to do the exploring I should have.
Arriving in Positano on Saturday I looked down at my soaked flip-flops and thought to myself how can I possibly spend a day in a beach town in the pouring rain?
I watched as the other students happily ran for the waves, shedding layers and knowing that, in minutes when they dove into the sea, the rain would mean little to them.
As I trudged up to the typical beach side restaurant to decide over some calamari how I could go about not wasting my day in Positano, my mind wondered to the happy students splashing in the waves. I admire travelers who won’t let any bad weather or unlikely circumstance keep them from seeing what it is they came to see.

I should be more like that, I thought to myself, especially if I want to call myself a traveler.
It’s time that I realize that I’ll never be completely prepared for what the world has to offer, so I might as well just leave my expectations behind and enjoy the moment no matter how it chooses to present itself.
I decided to leave my calamari behind and make way for the waves just as the tiniest patch of sunshine peeked through the cafe window. I was out the door and sitting on the wet sand before the waiter could say “Grazie” and there I sat for the day, enjoying the views and the sounds of others playing in the water. I couldn’t brave the chilly waves, but I was content.

Toward the end of the day I overheard some complaints out of the mouth of an unknown party. I won’t quote what I heard but in essence it was an accusation at the weather for ruining the day in Positano. I looked around at my fellow beach bums in confusion certain that we had spent the last few hours enjoying the patchy sunshine and the sea breezes. We laughed and smiled, knowing that there was no blame and no hard feelings about the way we chose to spend our time in Positano.


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