Bucket List: Things to do Before the Semester Ends by Annie Bettis

Ride a vespa through the hills of Tuscany: This is on the very top of my bucket list of things I must do this spring in Italy. After over one year of being in Florence I have never driven a Vespa myself and, although I’ve been in the Tuscany hills many times, I’ve never toured them […]

My Favorite Place in Prague by Annie Bettis

Prague is a city full of history, fun and fabulous beer. Don’t be fooled by the cheap price tag that comes with your Pilsner, there’s much more lurking in the alleyways of this Central European city than just a good time. Just after World War II Prague fell to communist hands and the first installation […]

March 8th: Ladies Night Takes on a Whole New Meaning by Annie Bettis

Early in the 1900s the world saw a great change in industrial development causing booming growth in the population. The increase in population resulted in racial unrest and oppression against women. In response, women began to change their attitudes and fight back, becoming activists and vocally campaigning for change. In 1908 15,000 women marched through […]

Views of Munich from the Seat of my Bike by Annie Bettis

We arrived in Munich on a drizzly Friday morning, it was the morning before the opening day celebrating the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest. The word today has just one meaning in the hearts and minds of so many people worldwide, and that meaning is beer. However, arriving one day early we were blessed to have […]

Singin' in the Rain in Positano by Annie Bettis

It was my first weekend in the Amalfi Coast, land of beautiful aqua water and sun. I was so relieved to be getting away from the increasingly dreary Florence skies and ready to get that last little ounce of bronze before the winter set in permanently. Much to my dismay, we were greeted Friday morning with […]

So What If I Shave My Armpits? Ice Climbing in Interlaken

To fully understand what you’re about to read, you should first know a few things about me. This will all seem pretty contradictory but no worries, I’ll explain. I LOVE the outdoors, kayaking, climbing, hiking, and the animals, all of it! I’m also a complete girly girl. I don’t even like to get my hair […]

Il Palio di Siena

Standing in the middle of the crowded Piazza del Campo, there is no room to move. Drummers dressed in heavy velvet frocks keep a steady rhythm as the crowd hums with anticipation. The mass of people looks like a wave, swaying back and forth as people jostle each other for space and a small window […]

Adrenline Junkies Wanted: Interlaken

When you walk into the Funny Farm Hostel in Interlaken, be prepared to be greeted by an unusual tour guide. Spliff, the massive St. Bernard who calls this hostel home, saunters around the lobby of the Funny Farm at all hours of the day, sniffing backpacks and looking for people to share bits of the […]