Munich: Day 2 by Gianna Shepherd

My second day in Munich is what sealed the deal for me.  This is when I knew it was true love.
For starters, unlike Italy, there are actual normal breakfasts in Germany.  Bread rolls with cream cheese and honey, fruit and coffee – what a great way to kick off your day.  It’s the little things in life.
If you have never done a city bike tour, make it one of your goals in life to do so.  Frankie’s Bike Tours was my first experience and I will actively seek this form of sightseeing here on out.  It just allows you to see so much more in a short period of time…and it makes you feel like a kid again because you’re strolling around town on a bike!
Nearly everyone from our trip came on the bike tour with us, so that was pretty cool to share that with everyone.  We basically just hit up a bunch of points of interest around Munich and learned about them for four hours.
I think everyone was pretty blown away by the English Gardens.  It’s like its own suburb within the city filled with parks, walkways, restaurants, a nudist pond, ducks, paddle boats and a surfing spot.
Yes, you can surf in the middle of the city.  Totally rad, man.
I’m so mad that I forgot my camera that day because describing it in words doesn’t even compare to seeing it.  Then again, not even pictures could do justice I don’t think.
And of course, later on in the afternoon we hit up Springfest for round two.  More good food, more delicious beer, more singing and dancing…and we even added in a few rides this time.
We concluded the night by satisfying a nagging guilty pleasure: BURGER KING!  Yup, I admit it.  We went down to the train station at whatever time it was to get some good ole fashioned hamburgers and fries.
Now can you see why it only took two days to fall in love?!


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