Winter Foods Around Europe



Commonly found at christmas market, Glühwein is a German mulled red wine recipe with orange, lemon, spices, sugar, and a splash of brandy. What makes this perfect for the chilly months is that the drink is served warm.

Boar Steak

wild boar

A traditional Czech meal, Boar steak is a delicious Prague favorite. The thick glaze covers most of the steak making it a heavy meal. Everything tastes better when it’s in one of the most beautiful (and cheap) cities in Europe! 

Hot Chocolate

hot coco

Hot chocolate served in the states has nothing on this European Hot Cocoa. Sticking to the actual name, you will find a cup filled with melted hot chocolate. Barely any liquid base, you don’t need more than a small cup to fill you up; but it is absolutely worth it for anyone who has a sweet tooth. You can find this all over Italy and other European cities.

Kartofel Puff

kartofel puff
Kartofel Puffs (also known as potato pancakes) are hard not to like – fried and Crispy. These are commonly served with onion and garlic seasoning and apple sauce for dipping. Popular in Vienna, this is perfect for any time of the day. Although not the healthiest snack, it’s winter so you’re allowed.

Beef Goulash

One of my favorite Hungarian dishes has always been Beef Goulash. A stew of meats and vegetables makes this meal filled with flavor. It is Hungary’s national dish. This feel good dish is perfect for a cold night at home.

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