Prague in Three Days

Again, this post is dedicated to my friend Stefan who’s going to be passing through Prague this summer. For any of you others going on a European adventure, this might be something helpful to have a look at. It comes after lots of trial and error with people who came to visit and got to be my guinea pigs for figuring out the best way to take in all the sites of Prague in a quick, but effective, way.
Day One: Old Town Square

  • Start your day off right with a stop at Bohemia Bagel . There’s one right off of Old Town Square. For directions either ask a local or go read my blog dedicated to Bohemia Bagel here.
  • After you’re fed, spend some time in the square. Get to the Astronomical Clock at some point, just so you can say you’ve seen it. Don’t bother hoping on one of those touristy horse-drawn carriages. See it all the old fashioned way. It’s better, trust me.
  • Turn around and look at Tyn Church. It looks kind of like Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland, right?
  • If it’s around a holiday like Christmas or Easter, there’s probably a festival in the square. Pick up some Trdlo at one of the stands. Yum!
  • Take a look inside St. Nicholas Church. You have to pay, but it’s worth it if you like old churches or architecture or anything like that.
  • Wonder the alleys, but DON’T stop at the KFC you’ll see right off the square. Resist the temptation to eat American food!!! haha.
  • Take a gander at Jan Hus for a few minutes. You know all about him after reading my post on him, I’m sure. 😉
  • Once you’ve taken in all there is to see in Old Town Square, wonder towards Charles Bridge.
  • On your way you’ll see the Rudolfinum. Pretty nifty, huh? Unless you’re a big classical music fan I wouldn’t recommend making a stop. You’ve got lots to see! But if you ARE a classical music fan, there are always concerts going on in Prague. Find tickets and enjoy a night out. 🙂
  • Once you’re on the bridge, shop. This stuff is cheap and you won’t find it in most other places in Prague. A lot of it is handmade.
  • You’re probably hungry and there are LOTS of places to eat around here. Find one with a patio if you can (and if the weather permits) and just drink it in.
  • If you’re in Prague during the summer and you have the time, I highly recommend paddle boating in the Vltava. SO fun.
  • Don’t try to fit the castle district (on the other end of the bridge) into your schedule today. Save your energy.

Day Two: Prague Castle

  • If you have it in you, take a walk to the castle. If not, metro/tram it up there. There’s no shame. Public transportation is amazing! 🙂
  • There’s not much play-by-play that I can give you for this. Make sure you see the castle compound and DO go into St. Vitus’.
  • Climb the tower if it’s a clear day. It’s a hike, but it’s beautiful.
  • Walk down the stairs from the castle. More vendors, more shopping!
  • Go into the Wallerstein Gardens while you’re in the neighborhood. Pretty and so fun!
  • Eat more good Czech food!!! 🙂

Day Three: Miscellaneous

  • Wenceslas Square. Get the last of that shopping bug taken care of. This is modern Prague at its finest.
  • Vysehrad. Do it. Go there. Drink it in. Bring a blanket and enjoy! (read about it in tomorrow’s post)
  • While you’re up there, take a gander at the cemetery and see if you can find Dvorak.
  • Just take it slow today, you’re leaving soon and it’s your last day to enjoy this wonderful city.
  • Fit in the stuff you saw along the way, but didn’t get a chance to stop at. Maybe it was a restaurant that got passed by or a museum you think you’d enjoy.
  • Choose: National Museum (in Wencelsas Square), Jewish Quarter, Museum of Communism (kind of cool, actually). Do something you think you’d enjoy.
  • Wander. If you’ve got the time, I fully condone getting lost in this city. You’ll find your way home and you’ll love every minute of your adventure until you do.

If you’re not planning a trip to Prague right now, do so soon. And do it before the Euro takes over it 2010! 🙂


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