Hofbrauhaus and Oktoberfest: FlorenceForFun's Bucket List

As an American embarking on a European study abroad adventure, Munich is undoubtedly one of the top spots on almost everyone’s list.  Beer drinking is practically required to have successfully completed college in American Universities!  That being said, both fall and spring semester students inevitably find a way to make Oktoberfest and Springfest part of their travel itinerary.

Sure the endless architectural landmarks are great, but the one we care most about in the beautiful city of Munich, is the infamous Hofbrauhaus brewery.  The Hofbrauhaus dates back to 1589, when it was originally founded as the “Royal” brewery, by the Duke of Bavaria.  Since then, Hofbrauhaus has served as the seat of various political and social events, most notably that of the Nazi Party.  Adolph Hitler hosted the first meeting of the National Socialist Party at Hofbrahaus in 1920 and was known to frequent the Hofbrauhaus quite often over the following years, but only for political events, as he did not drink alcohol.
Nowadays, Hofbrauhaus has expanded within the city and well beyond the city walls of Munich.  After World War II, the Hofbrauhaus became somewhat of a global phenomenon, as many American soldiers stationed in Munich brought back mugs bearing the infamous “HB” symbol.  Hofbrauhaus also claims the second largest beer tent of Oktoberfest, where it attracts millions of tourists worldwide.  The Hofbrauhaus now has franchises in the USA, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Dubai & Bangkok.
Take a trip back in time, indulge in an oversized soft pretzel, try some schnitzel and join the rest of the world in their love for the Hofbrauhaus brew!
Join FlorenceForFun at Oktoberfest
If you’d like to try the famous Hofbrauhaus beer or simply experience all that Munich has to offer, all of the information about Oktoberfest tours can be found on our website at www.florenceforfun.com by searching under Oktoberfest in the Trip Finder on the right side of the page.

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