Recipe of the Week #5: Minestrone Soup

Minestrone soup is as Italian as pasta. History tells us the hearty soup dates back to the expansion of the Latin tribes of Rome into what became the Roman Republic and later Roman Empire. At this time, diets were typically vegetarian. Depending on the season, the ingredients of minestrone can contain a huge variety of […]

Eurochocolate 2012: Attention All Chocolate Lovers!

To my surprise, two wonderful treats, chocolate and beer, combine incredibly well into a mixture of flavors and aromas that this year’s Eurochocolate festival is showcasing. Slightly bittersweet dark chocolate pairs perfectly with the toasted malt and hoppy aroma of Angelo Poretti’s newest frothy creation: 7 Hops Unfiltered Amber. In the past, Angelo Poretti’s beers […]

History of Limoncello: When life hands you lemons, make limoncello!

When you want a break from the beach, the winding little streets of Positano are littered with Lemon shops selling anything from lemon candy to room perfumes and body products. One of the most popular drinks in Italy, “Limoncello”, is the traditional liqueur distilled from the peel of lemons produced along the Amalfi Coast and […]

Best of Tuscany

So, this was my first time out in the countryside of Italy, it was very gorgeous! The first town we stopped in, Montepulciano was a cute little town, and we made our journey up to the top to taste some of the best wines in Italy! My parents came to visit me for the week, […]

EuroChocolate? Yes please!!!

I’m not going to lie.  I am not the biggest chocolate fan in the world, although I do enjoy a nice Cadbury egg every now and then.  But I jumped at the chance to go to Eurochocolate, Europe’s largest festival dedicated to chocolate.  Thousands of people embark for Perugia, Italy each year to participate in […]