15 Gift Ideas for the Traveller in Your Life

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Everyone has one.  That friend who can’t seem to stay put.  Always jet-setting off to some new adventure, or if they are stationary for a moment, they are dreaming of far away places, and plotting where to get lost next.  These people can be hard to buy for.  They are sentimental, constantly talking of stories and memories, but not particularly materialistic, mostly because you can’t travel with a bunch of random stuff.  So what to get this person for Christmas?  Well, friends, I am here to tell you.  (AKA this is also my Christmas wishlist *hint hint mom and dad!**)

  1. A Passport Holder

    Personally, along with many other travellers that without my passport holder my wallet and passport quickly becomes a jumble of plane, train, and bus tickets, stubs, and scraps.  A nice elegant passport holder for the frequent traveller is on my list, and probably your traveller friend as well.

  2. Wanderer Bracelets

    fullsizerender-13A bit more on the sentimental side, Wanderer Bracelets are handmade in Bali and come in a variety of styles.  My personal favorite are the coordinate style bracelets.  Write down the coordinates of the place you met, your traveller’s favorite destination, where you took your first trip together, or another creative idea.

  3. Travel Gear

    If you know where your buddy is headed to next, grab them some gear to help ease the preparation of their trip.  Hats and headwraps, hiking boots, selfie sticks, thermal underwear, sunblock sticks, hair ties, etc. can all make great stocking stuffers or presents.

    Some of my favorite brands include Smart Wool, Helley Hensen, Colombia, and Under Armour.

  4. A Nice Carry On

    From a nice backpack to a sleek leather duffel- carry-ons get treated like trash in the traveller world.  From being thrown around on planes and busses, to stuffed under beds in hostels, these trusted sidekicks take a beating.  Get your wanderer something practical they will use, and possibly make an appearance in their travel photos.

  5. Socks

    Seriously.  Because I don’t have a single pair of matching socks, and they ALWAYS disappear when on a holiday.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with this problem.

  6. Camelback Water Bottle

    img_0413Europeans constantly poke fun at Americans because of how much water they drink, and it’s because they constantly see Americans toting their water bottles around. Sufficient amounts of water fight jet lag and keep you happy and healthy, so get your loved one the latest style and watch as the sticker collection on it grows.

  7. Moment Lens

    moment-lens-2These things are amazing!  They transform any regular iPhone into a near professional lens without the cost and bulk of a traditional camera.  If your jet-setter loves photos, this might just be the perfect gift.  Check this product out here.

  8. A Packtowel

    71l35dd346l-_sl1080_Another great and practical gift for the frequent hostel-stayer.  A must-have in every suitcase.  Recommended in size XL.  Check it out here.

  9. Portable Charger

    These can be found at any electronic store in the US.  Again.  ALWAYS in my carry on.

  10. A Puffy Jacket

    Help your loved one fit into the European style of things and give them a mega packable, in-style puffy jacket.  Please, stick to muted tones though.

  11. Polaroid Camera

    fullsizerender-15They produce such darn cute photos, and will instantly print memories that will last forever.  A mini one of these will fit right into a stocking.

  12. Swiss Army Knife

    More a dude thing, but great for emergencies and opening wine bottles.  (They also have a wallet sized version that fits in like a credit card.  Wicked cool!)

  13. Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

    md837Quite honestly the best $30 I have spent when it comes to travel prep. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Macbooks.  Check it out on the apple store here.

  14. Scarves, Mittens, and Gloves


  15. A Trip With FlorenceForFun!



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