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Ticket Prices
The cost of a a full price ticket ranges from €10 to €35. These tickets are in the section behind the goal where the young Italians and passionate football fans sit, support, chant and sing throughout the game.

How to Buy a Ticket
The most popular games are always against the top four teams; Inter, Roma, Milan & Juventus. These tickets sell out very quickly so come 10 – 14 days prior to the game. For other games, tickets can be bought during the week running up to the game.
***Discount tickets can be purchased in the FlorenceForFun office with cash only and on presentation of a drivers license or passport.***
* Note that the dates and times of the games can sometimes change. The changes are usually announced prior to the release of the tickets.
Important Info:

FlorenceForFun Office
Via Ghibellina 131/red, Florence
Open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm
Office phone: (+39) 055 283 759
Cell: (+39) 328 729 0848
Email: travel@florenceforfun.com

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