The Contradas of August 16th's Palio di Siena

The final race for the Palio di Siena will be run this Thursday, August 16th. This white-knuckle horse race happens twice a year, where competing contradas, or sections of the city, will race for the honor of winning the banner of Siena, and bragging rights for the year. Let’s meet this year’s competitors:

 Contrada  Horse Name  Description  Age
 CIVETTA Moedi  Bay  7
 SELVA Mississippi  Bay  7
 TARTUCA Indianos  Grey  9
 DRAGO Guess  Grey  10
 VALDIMONTONE Lo Specialista  Bay  8
 LEOCORNO Nobile Nilo  Sorrel  6
 ISTRICE Morosita Prima  Dark Bay  7
 PANTERA Gammede  Sorrel  10
 GIRAFFA Nicolas De P.Ulpu  Bay  6
 ONDA Magic Toglio  Bay  7

May the best horse win!
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