What to Siena (See in a) Weekend (Get It?)

This past weekend, I went to Siena with my friends. We saw many places and things, and got to try some of the local foods. Here are four things you can do in Siena:

1. Hang out in the Piazza del Campo. The Piazza del Campo is the main plaza of Siena. Located in Siena’s historic center, it’s known for its beauty and surrounding architecture.

Piazza del Campo. PC: en.wikipedia.org

2. Go to Siena Cathedral. Located near the Piazza del Campo, the Siena Cathedral is a stunning example of Romanesque-Gothic architecture! Inside are works of art by Donatello, Pisano, and Michelangelo.

Siena Cathedral. PC: destination360.com

3. Enter the Palazzo Pubblico and climb the Torre del Mangia. Located in Piazza del Campo itself, the Palazzo Pubblico used to be the town hall of Siena. Almost every room inside the Palazzo contains frescoes! Once you’ve finished that, climb up the tower! The way up is exhausting, but definitely worth it!

Palazzo Pubblico (Torre Mangia on the left). PC: en.wikipedia.org

4. Visit Castello Vicchiomaggio. Once a Renaissance castle, this is currently an upscale hotel in Chianti! Here you can rent out apartments, suites, hang out in the pool, have a tour of the castle, even have a wine tasting! I did that this weekend, and it was the best part of the trip! With the wine tasting comes an olive oil tasting, which I learned a lot from!

Inside the wine cellar at Castello Vicchiomaggio. PC: vicchiomaggio.it

So there you go, here are four things to Siena weekend. If you feel that I missed something, comment below!


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