The Barcelona Hot List

The famous mosaics by Gaudi at Park Güell.

1. Park Guell

The famous mosaics by Gaudi at Park Güell. (Photo by Maggie Pentek)
The view seems to be a painting, I can ensure you that it’s not. With the ticket price at 7 euros, making it a bang for your buck, this is a must see. Schedule your visit towards the end of the day to catch some amazing shots with the sun rising down. The mosaic masterpieces glisten in the rays and the vibrant patterns reflect Barcelona’s true colors. The setting gives off a jungle vibe and lets you explore around a true park as well.


2. Sagrada Familia

The famous church by Gaudi. (Photo by Taylor Fuller)

Pictures cannot do justice for this magnificent building, and I was dying to see it in person. The stain glass will blow you away. Spend the extra euros to skip the line if you are tight on time during your weekend excursion. You can even climb to the top of the towers if you have more time and want to pay.


3. Test out the night life

Opium Club, Barcelona.
Opium Club, Barcelona.

One of the activities you just have to do while in the lively city of Barcelona. Check out the beach clubs that are steps off the sand. There is a main strip of clubs with promoters that fill the street with flyers for free entrance and drink deals. Take those into consideration and get to the club strip before 2 am to use a flyer. If you’re headed to the well known club, Opium, be sure to add yourself to the guest list on their website. For Shoko you can say “Aashi” to get in for free. Those were the two places I went to and stayed. No matter where you go, or which day, you are guaranteed a fun night with awesome music and throwbacks.


4. Stroll down La Rambla

Taste a fresh juice from La Boqueria. (Photo Taylor Fuller)
Taste a fresh juice from La Boqueria. (Photo Taylor Fuller)

A well known area of Barcelona. Similar to a market stand as there are vendors down a never ending street with a variety of items for sale. Food, flowers, drinks, jewelry, clothing, etc. the list goes on! You get a real feel for Barcelona while walking through La Rambla. I came across some  leather bracelets and decided to bring back a few for some friends at home. Also I just had to taste some horchata! A little different than what I am used to but it was still delicious. I then went inside La Boqueria, the mercat, which is just off of the main street and walked through all of the aisles of fresh foods. Everything looked amazing; Meats, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, fish, candies and much more! The locals to do a lot of shopping there.  I had to try the fresh juices that were everywhere for a steal of 1 euro. I highly suggest buying a juice! There are so many flavors to choose from- I opted with strawberry orange and it was delicious.

5. Food and Drinks

Enjoy a sangria with your tapas
Enjoy a sangria with your tapas. (Photo by Taylor Fuller)

Sangria, Mojitos, Margaritas and Tapas are nearly everywhere in Barcelona. Make sure to taste these or else you will kick yourself when you’re gone! Some places let you pick out your fruits for your sangria, the mojitos are super fresh, and the options for tapas are endless.  You simply cannot go wrong. Treat yourself and have an authentic Barcelona meal! My favorite place was Rosa Negra, which has authentic tapas, drinks and tacos at a college friendly price.


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