Craziness in Corfu: How to Party like the Greeks


There are a couple of essential things you need to know in order to party like the Greeks do in Corfu.  The FlorenceForFun tour guides are experts in all things Greek, and they will be sure to give you advice on eats, drinks and activities to make your weekend in Greece unforgettable.

Step 1: Get on your toga for the Pink Palace Toga Party

Movies like Animal House paint an “Americanized” portrayal of toga parties. A party isn’t complete in Greece without an entourage of toga clad party goers, and The Pink Palace is no rookie when it comes to throwing the craziest parties.  Upon arrival, each guest is given pink sheet, and every Saturday a massive bash is held where you must be in toga attire to enter.  Togas date back to 2 B.C. and actually were first adorned in ancient Rome, by the native Etruscans.  Once worn by dignitaries and royalty alike, we have come along way from then.  Check out the link below for a quick tutorial of how to make your own pink toga look great at The Pink Palace.

Step 2: When in Greece…Drink some Ouzo!

As Americans, we are privy to the wide array of alcoholic beverages available on college campuses across the country.  Learning the array of alcohol available to us abroad, however, is a whole different story.  Although the infamous absinthe-like “ouzo” has only been legally allowed to be labeled as an “exclusively Greek product” since 2006,  Ouzo was first thought to be introduced to the world in the 14th century by a group of Monks.  Since then, Greeks and foreigners alike have been enjoying this licorice-flavored liquor as an aperitif to start their meal with.  Americans usually tend to enjoy the drink straight up, as a shot.  Whichever you prefer, a trip to Greece isn’t complete without at least a sip of ouzo.

Step 3: Party like a Greek, and break some plates!

The Pink Palace does a great job of incorporating all of the ancient traditions of Greece into their toga party.  Part of this includes plate smashing!  Although many foreigners relentlessly have an idea in their minds  of Greeks constantly breaking plates at every social occasion that goes by, the ritual is actually quite uncommon nowadays.  It stemmed from the idea that plates used in meals that worshiped the dead were to be destroyed.  As the years passed, plate smashing was cermoniously done to celebrate weddings, dancing and various other parties.  In keeping with the life-long tradition, it’s no surprise the Pink Palace makes this part of the adventure in Corfu Island.
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