Budapest: Photo of the Week

The FlorenceForFun crew in Budapest! Travel to Budapest with FlorenceforFun as part of our Budapest/Vienna/Salzburg Weekend Trip!

Prague vs. Budapest

How do you choose between two gorgeous cities with their own special cultures and histories? How do you decide which city you want to visit more? Prague, the City of the Thousand Spires or Budapest, the largest city of Hungary? While they are both beautiful European cities, each one has its own characteristics that make […]

Budapest Baths

After a morning of exploring the beautiful views that Budapest has to offer, and before a long night of indulging in its famous nightlife filled with awesome pubs of ruin… you must make sure to stop by the thermal baths that will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for the rest of your hungarian adventure. […]

Visiting Budapest and the Thermal Baths

When people think of ancient baths, most people immediately think of the Roman Baths. However, the Romans were not the only ones who discovered the soothing powers of steam rooms and hot springs. The thermal baths in Budapest, Hungary are amongst some of the greatest treasures the ancient cultures have given us. Hungary was significantly […]