Florentine Steak Dinner

Demetra Hostaria Four Course Steak Dinner

When dining out in Italy the first thing to understand is that there is really no such thing as Italian Food. In fact, Italy didn’t even become a country until the unification of its 20 regions in 1861. For this reason, Italians, and especially Florentine’s are still, even today, very much connected to and proud of their regional culture and of course cuisine.

Our authentic Florentine dining experience will take you back in time to the origins of some of Florence’s most renowned dishes. To the tables of the nobleman and peasants alike. To the courts and banquets hosted by the Medici. And to the tried and true favorites of some of our greatest artists.

Your hosts, Monica and Simone, will guide you on a culinary journey explaining each dish including both its historical origin but sometimes more importantly its cultural significance.

Your four course meal will be accompanied by a selection of traditional, locally produced wines and exceptional extra virgin olive oil.

Our Florentine Food Experience is a deep dive into local history and culture through our traditions at the table.

Buon Appetito!


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