How many people will be on the trip?
Groups can vary in size, however, we usually travel with at least 25 students. We allocate one FlorenceForFun tour guide per 25 students to make sure we provide you with a more personal experience.
How much free time will I have?
Both day trips and weekend trips are structured so that you will have a sufficient amount of free time allowing you to explore on your own.
However, it is not obligatory for you to join us on walking tours and/or optional activities that we offer. We just ask that if you decide to not take advantage of these activities to arrange a meeting time and place with your FlorenceForFun tour guide.
What if I want to room with my friends on the trip?
No problem! Just tell a FlorenceForFun staff member who you would like to room with and we will do our very best to accommodate you.
The amount of people we can put into one room varies from trip to trip, but it is usually groups of 2, 3 and 4. We will only make co-ed rooms upon request by female customers.
What if I am traveling by myself? 
In the event that you are traveling by yourself, we will pair you up with other members of the group that are traveling solo so that you feel safe and comfortable with your arrangement.
How should I pack for a weekend trip?
FlorenceForFun staff will provide you with an itinerary prior to departure that will include a suggested list of what to bring. We always recommend that you check the weather of your destination ensuring that you are dressed properly and will be comfortable during your stay.
How much luggage is allowed on a weekend trip?
A small suitcase plus a backpack should be more than enough for your weekend with FlorenceForFun.
Do I need to bring my passport on FlorenceForFun trips?
It is not necessary to bring your passport on day trips, but it is strongly recommended to do so for weekend trips. We will be passing through border control as we enter our destination country. In the event that it is required to show travel documents you will want to be prepared.
How much money should I bring?
FlorenceForFun staff will provide you with an itinerary that will tell you what is and is not included on the trip. We strongly recommend that you bring enough money with you to purchase your own snacks, lunch/dinner (when not included) and souvenirs.
If we are traveling to a destination that does not use the euro, it is suggested that you use your ATM card to withdraw money once arriving in the host country. This will help you receive the best currency exchange rate.

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