Does FlorenceForFun offer discounts?
Absolutely! We understand that you are on a student budget–that is why all of our tours are already set at a student discounted price. You can get even MORE discount by using one of our promotion codes. Promotion codes are given out by our interns and staff on trips, and in many places on the internet and around Florence. The best way to get a promo code is to befriend one of our awesome staff! We are always available to answer questions and give you advice on anything you may need–join our Facebook groups, message us or stop us in the streets of Florence to say hello.
Group Discounts
If you gather a group of 10 friends or more, everyone will receive a 5% discount when booking their trip. Now THAT’s what we call friendship!
How much does a FlorenceForFun trip cost?
Each of our tours are competitively priced at an affordable student rate. Our tours range from 40 euro day trips to 359 euro for an all-included weekend to Munich for Oktoberfest. Check out the trips you are interested in on or email for more information.
What is included in the price of a trip?
It varies, but generally speaking a FlorenceForFun trip will include at minimum: round-trip transportation, a FlorenceForFun tour leader, and a mini city-guide with maps and information on your destination. Many of our tours include accommodation and/or meal options, so check the itinerary of the trip or email for more information.

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