How do I book a trip with FlorenceForFun?
You can book trips online at, or in person by coming into our office.
Office location: Via della Pergola 10A red;  Florence, Italy 50122
Office Hours: Monday-Friday from 12pm to 6pm or by appointment

What if I need to change my booking?
If you need to make a change to your booking, please contact with your name and the trip that you have booked, or call the FFF office at +39 055-247-6605
What if I need to cancel my booking?
In the unfortunate case that you need to cancel your booking, please contact immediately, or call the office at +39 055-247-6605. Please note that all cancellations are subject to a penalty charge as per the FlorenceForFun refund policy that you signed upon booking.
What is your refund policy?
30 or more days prior to departure    Full Refund*
15 to 29 days prior to departure          10% Penalty * OR 0% where the consumer elects to transfer full amount to different Florence For Fun Trip^
8 to 14 days prior to departure             25% Penalty *
5 to 7 days prior to departure               50 % penalty *
3 to 4 days prior to departure               75% Penalty *
0 to 2 days prior to departure               No Refund
Letting Us Know!
It is your responsibility to contact FlorenceForFun and let us know that you no longer wish to participate. You can do this by either:
1. Attending the FlorenceForFun Office in person from 12noon to 6pm Monday to Friday.
2. Calling the FlorenceForFun Office on +39 055 247 6605 from 12noon to 6pm Monday to Friday.
3. Sending an email to
How do I work out how many days notice I’ve given?
You need to tell us between 12 noon and 6pm (the close of business). If you let us know after 6pm you are deemed to have told us the following day. If you tell us on a non-business day, you may only tell us by email and the time and day on which you tell us will be deemed to be the time and date stamped on the email. If that time is after 6pm you are deemed to have told us the following day.
For Example: Fall Break Tour package to Greece departing Friday October 23rd, 2009 at 9:00am. The 30th day would fall on Wednesday September 23rd until close of business at 6:00pm local time.
Refund Notes
^ Transfer of Full Amount – Where the consumer elects to transfer the full cost of the tour package to a different FlorenceForFun Trip, no refund on the exchange trip will be given whatsoever. Where the other tour package is of lesser value no refund of the difference will be given. Where the tour package is of greater value the consumer must immediately pay the pay the difference.
* Manner of refund.  
Cash – Where the consumer has paid in cash the consumer will be refunded in cash.
Cards – Where the consumer has paid by bank card in the FlorenceForFun Office, the consumer will be refunded in cash, less the 3% of total amount already paid towards the tour package. This is to cover the cost of the service fee charged to FlorenceForFun by Visa, Mastercard or Amex. Where the consumer has paid combination of bank card  and cash 3% of all moneys paid will be charged.
PayPal – Where the consumer has paid in full or in part via PayPal and is entitled to full refund, the consumer will be refunded via PayPal. However, where the consumer has paid using PayPal and is entitled to a partial refund,  the refund will be paid to the consumer in cash, less the merchant and other fees charged to FlorenceForFun by PayPal for accepting the consumer’s payment (usually 5%) – unless FlorenceForFun elects to refund via PayPal.
Transfer – Where the consumer has paid for the tour package by a way of exchange or transfer no refund will be given whatsoever.
Penalties – The amount of the penalty is calculated by references to the full published price of the tour package regardless of discounts and promotions and regardless of whether the customer paid the deposit, partially or in full.
**Note: FlorenceForFun does not accept responsibility for emails not received. Further the time and date that the email is received by FlorenceForFun (not sent by client) will be binding. Therefore FlorenceForFun recommends that all email withdrawals are followed up by the consumer with a phone call to the FlorenceForFun Office on +39 055 247 6605 the next business day between 12noon to 6pm Monday to Friday to confirm the email has been received.
The FlorenceForFun Refund Policy is made in compliance with The General Terms & Conditions of Contracts for the sale of Tour Packages (as approved in September 2007 by Astoi – The Italian Tour Operator Association; and Fiavet, The Italian Federation of Travel & Tourism Companies) and constitutes a condition of the contract of sale signed by the consumer.
If I have accommodations already, can I use FlorenceForFun for transport only?
Yes! Please come into our office or contact to make arrangements.
Via della Pergola, 10A/R
Florence, Italy 50122
If I have friends or family members visiting me from out of town, can they come on the trip with me as well?
Absolutely! Taking family members and friends on FlorenceForFun trips is an excellent way to enjoy your time together. You can sit back and relax and let us plan that part of your vacation for you whether it be a day trip or a weekend trip
Can you help me plan a trip that FlorenceForFun does not offer?
This is not a problem! FlorenceForFun staff is well-travelled and more than happy to offer advice to you on your independent travels.
To make an appointment before 12pm or after 6pm, please contact

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